Best Diaper Changing Pad: Keekaroo Peanut Diaper Changer Review

One of my favorite baby products so far is the Keekaroo Peanut Diaper Changer (Made in the USA; BPA, PVC, latex, formamide, and phthalate-free). I really cannot rave about this product enough. If there is anything that can make the diaper changing process substantially easier, then I think it is totally worth it.

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The Keekaroo Peanut Diaper Changer comes in a variety of bright colors. Unfortunately, it appears that the color I own (pumpkin) is no longer available. The pad is made of one solid piece of non-toxic material** that is completely impermeable to fluids. The material is also soft and comfortable. There were numerous times when Max was fussing as a newborn, he immediately became calm and settled when we laid him down on the pad. It was almost magical!

In terms of safety, the sides of the peanut changer are slightly raised, helping to prevent a newborn from rolling off. The changing pad also comes with a safety strap as well but, to be honest, I have not made use of it. (I would never leave Max on the pad unattended anyway.)

The beauty of the Keekaroo Peanut Diaper Changer, and the main reason why this particular pad is a must-have, is that no extra pad covers/waterproof liners are needed. Who was the genius (not!) that thought to create a diaper changing pad that needed covers to be changed and washed anytime bodily fluids came in contact with it was a good idea? I mean, it’s a surface for changing dirty diapers for crying out loud!

The point being, this diaper changing pad is a lifesaver and a timesaver. Whenever the surface gets dirty (which is often), be it with pee or poo, all I have to do is spray the pad with a gentle all-purpose cleaner and wipe down with a paper towel. Visit here to know more – keekaroo peanut changer grey

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